0.0 NS EU/US TZ alliance - W.O.L.V.E.N looking for players old and new!

Not sure what to do in EVE? Need help getting started or getting back into the game after a break? Tired of spinning around in station?

Look no further! We are a chill EU/US TZ corporation apart of Warriors of Sol alliance in Tenerifis. We are looking to expand our numbers with pvp/pve, indy and miner pilots. We support our corp members to explore the game with no mandatory fleets or forcing annoying content; fly what you want, lose what you want, play when you want!

What we can offer you?

  • WH experience to delve into the dark side of EVE
  • Corp owned and Alliance owned moons to mine and an Ice system in Sov
  • PVP roams and PVE grinds for chances to faction modules!
  • Somewhat knowledgeable people on the game and how to get into all aspects of this game


  • Join our discord Warriors of Sol or send me an eve mail in game @ Arkis Oblivion
  • Speak to one of our recruiters and go through our alliance auth for security purposes
  • That’s it, nothing too crazy but definitely worth it!

bumpity bump!

We welcome newbros and bitter vets :smiley: join memesl… i mean Warsl which we are proudly part of!

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