[0.0 SEC / PVE/PVP] See what Standards can do for you!

“Respect, Integrity, Communication, and Excellence.”

Standards Contracting Corporation is the standard in galactic security, aerospace, and economic development. STD.C is principally engaged in material acquisitions, manufacture, integration, and sustainment of space estate, interests, and advanced technology systems, products and services.

We are actively recruiting capsuleers old & new. We are currently based in southern nullsec with very profitable space available to all members. We are part of a large coalition with many activities to partake in.

You are:

  • A newer player looking to learn nullsec life and make ISK
  • A nullsec veteran looking for a relaxed environment
  • Looking to work towards concrete goals
  • Interested in a blend of heavy industry, nullsec activitie (ratting, small gang PVP, mining operations)
  • Always trying something new

We can offer:

  • A small but profitable, friendly corporation
  • A strong number of systems to pad your wallet, help you learn nullsec life, and provide fun opportunities
  • Working towards concrete goals & industrial dominance

Our Values are simple: Do What’s Right, Respect Others, and Perform with Excellence.

See what Standards can do for you!

Reply here or contact “Awali Maulerant” in game to further your employment opportunities.

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