0% Tax, War Immune, Alliance-Owning Corporation 100% Newbie, Alpha, and Casual/RL Friendly

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Ryoga Lonely Hearts is the external executor corporation of the Lotek of New Eden alliance, Our primary objectives are to provide a war-immune environment in which to thoroughly train and equip members toward joining our alliance, and to amass armaments for use by the alliance. Both we and the alliance are 100% Newbie, Alpha, and Casual/RL friendly.

Benefits include:

  • 0% Tax
  • War Immunity
  • Free fitted ships
  • 1000+ Distict BPOs (over 95% max researched ME10/TE20)
  • Full access to Lotek-owned POSes
  • Buyback and Ship Replacement Programs

For more information, please contact Executor Archer en Tilavine on the Lotek Discord Server.

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Having been mostly a solo player in Eve I was drawn to Ryoga with the lure of 0% tax
and War immunity.

Four months on, my game has been greatly improved, a boost in my Isk due to the good advice from the Archer, a peek into the social aspect of the game and a plan for the next step in my Eve life.

Archer and the Lotek alliance have a wealth of experience and a willingness to help out.

A great corp for expanding your game play, and maybe just maybe have some fun along the way… :smiley:


Archer got me to buy Omega. What more needs to be said than that?

When you find someone worth gaming with enough to buy an otherwise free game, that speaks volumes.

Sign-up get dialed-in, break out of the boring entry-level stuff.

sent you a mail

Hey all, thought I would drop a line in here and say that this has been the best returning to Eve experience I’ve had. Many friendly and helpful guys here for the newbies, the returning vets and everything in between. Most of my best experiences within Eve always consisted of fleeting up, enjoying my corp and alliance and since I’ve joined these guys, the experience has quickly returned. But I can’t say more… You all that are not part of the crew, get in here and see what it’s all about. There’s many projects in the making with what seems to be a very bright future for this corp/alliance. I’m definitely home with this crew.

Flava Flav here, signing off. :alarm_clock: :smiling_imp:
Hope to see you all out there,