07NBD Project Valhalla. Recruitment

07NBD is a long standing member of The Initiative Alliance. We a group of older bitter vets looking for some new recruits. Real Life always comes first as most of us are older, married and ect…

Join our public channel “Project Valhalla Public
Applications are usually reviewed within 1-3 days


  • Minimum of 25mil SP. (Subject to change depending on the right people :slight_smile: )
  • Decent to good knowledge of nullsec and it’s politics. We can teach NBD
  • Willingness to PvP. Yea you have to PVP
  • Be able to understand and communicate in English
  • Half a brain and the desire to be more than an F1 monkey

Optional but who plays with 1 toon:

  • One or more alts
  • Being able to use Capitals (either alt or main)
  • Being able to use Supercapitals (either alt or main)

What we offer:

  • Use of Supercapitals
  • Mostly independent strategic ops
  • Experienced members
  • Strong industrial backbone
  • Being a part of the Imperium in the most fantastic way possible

Recruitment Status: OPEN
Recruitment Contacts: Van Nuys USTZ, The Milftek EUTZ

Bump it back up. Still looking for some new recruits!!

Hit us up!

We have a couple new recruits and looking for some more!! Doesnt hurt to chat it up a bit ;)!

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