100% focused tengu char 13.1m SP

Mid-grade Crystal + Missile Set

All Rules Apply
I pay transfer with Credit Card so it will be a fast transfer no delays (10h)
Starting bid 12b
Buy Out: 19b

That is not a perfect tengu pilot… or the perfect pve pilot.


6 bil

yes it is, and get the ■■■■ out of my sale scamers
starting bid is 13b now for people like you!

Not a bad toon, but pretty far from perfect. you need to max out shield skills to start, then the related rigging skills, then the navigation skills, then the missile precision, then scanning skills. Again not a bad tengu toon by an stretch but definitely not a "Perfect Tengu/PvE pilot. "

Missing missile skills, navigation skills, and shield skills to be “perfect” anything… Mediocre Tengu pilot that would struggle to complete many sites.


You should go see the doctor

And you should stop acting like a spodbrain and start listening what ppl are telling to you…

6.5 bil

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you are the spodbrain offering less than extraction value for a 100% focused char

7b offer

For King and kingdom of spodbrain!

Long live the spodbrain!

7.5 bil

Bump!! Looking for more

8 bil

Will be accepted in 24 hours if no better offers.

Offer retracted due to blacklisting issues


this pilot is not worth 19 bil brother. its 13 mil sp the going rate is about 1 bil isk per 1 mil SP i will offer you 13 bil isk B/O for this pilot please consider my offer. ty

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