WTB Tengu Pilot

T2 heavies
Level 5 Subsystem
Decent Core skills
Meh Scanning
Decent Shield skills

Loki pilots are fine but I want a tengu pilot mostly.

bumpity bump!

bumpy bumpy

What you looking to spend?

Of the current needs you list.

T2 Heavies:
Heavy Assault Missle 5, Heavy Missle 5, Heavy Assault Missle Specialization 4, Heavy Missle Specialization 4
Level 5 Subsystem: Caldari
Decent Core Skills: Of course
Meh Scanning: Astrometrics 5, Astrometric Rangefinding 4
Decent Shield Skills: Capital Shield Emission Systems 4, Capital Shield Operation 3, Invulnerability Core Operation 0, All other Shield skills 5.

Tengu Implants:

High-Grade Crystal ABGDEO


Stiil wtb open?

yup wtb is still open. Also, @Cheburator_AvatariusI I sent you a mail.

I has a guy. What are you looking to spend?

I can anywhere from 10-20 bil.

What can you offer for this?
8.4 standing with SOE for LVL4s
Not even sure if I want to sell but if price is right why not.


6 bil

i’m for sell


bumpity bupmity

up we go


Connor Skills

I maybe for sale but would need to be top end of your budget… Make an offer

In game mail sent

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