Tengu Guristas Pirates (Gila blueprints) 21,2M SP

Tengu pilot with excellent heavy missiles, engineering, shield, navigation and social skills.
Good faction standing in order to do blitz and earn tons of LP.

  • standings with Guristas faction(5) and corporation(6)
  • located in K3JR-J with 5x lvl 4 agents, 3 from security.
  • 256 000 unallocated skill points
  • +4 implants
  • remap available + 1 bonus remap.
  • https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Ash_Tiara

*bonus - cool name and good looking :slight_smile:
30 bill buyout

30b B/O where are you getting this from or is that some figure you pulled out the air? Assets cannot be figured into the sale either.
I’ll offer 20b B/O
Happy for you if you get 30

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Hi and thank you for your offer.
20b is way to low, it’s hard to raise guristas faction standings to that level. Hard work = more isk for the toon.
You can spam blitz missions on this char to earn tons of LP fast.

“The more you know, the dumber you sound to stupid people.”

Ok, good luck, I’ll be watching. O~O

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Bumpy bump


20.5b b/o

Thank you for the offer but still low.

Get your gila bpc famer that’s ready to run blitz missions based on high faction standings.

friendly bump

youre aware that selling with other standings than you have is illegal right ?
Guristas Pirates 4.0013 not 6 correct that pls before a dev / mod reads this
Guristas 5.1804 / faction is correct at 5

Skills apply a bonus % to numbers like: standings, your missiles damage(I doubt you are intellectually able to use turrets)
Thank you for the message but please learn how to EvE and join School of Applied Knowledge.

for as far as i know and that has always bin the case the visible standings in eveboard count
pls use turrets not missiles waiste of the missiles who normaly cant miss except when you shoot em

Continue to be ill informed aka dumb and I’ll just ignore you.

have to say ur standing with them are impressive non the less

go ahead and i already flagged the post so they will take a loo kat it sooner or later

Go away, or I’ll send you to the Amarr.
You are like Einstein or something but except the smarts.

if ur right nothing happends if im right you risk closing of the topic or worse

Get a life and please learn math, grammar and how EvE works.

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