SOLD 28M PvE Character - Perfect Guristas Standings

  • All around character can use all weapon types
  • Good scanning skills for exploration and wormhole
  • Great social skills geared towards pirate factions
  • 5.3 Guristas Faction and 10.0 Guristas Corp standings allow for L4 and burner missions, corp standing allows L5
  • 1.8M Unallocated SP for a total of 28M
  • All remaps available
  • Positive wallet balance, will be located in Jita at time of sale with jump clone in Guristas null
  • Can fly:
    • Interceptors
    • Tengu and Loki
    • Assault Frigates
    • HACS
Password: 123

Bidding will begin at 16.5b, which is approximately what I would gain from extracting. B/O 20b or best offer after 5 days.

16.5 bil

18b b/o right now

in game mail sent

18.5 bil

i will pay the 20b b/o.

b/o accepted, please send isk and account info to this character.

isk and account name sent

Will update once I receive a reply

okay thanks

Any news?

I still have not received my character and have no notification the transfer has begun…

I have received a reply from a GM stating the transfer has completed. The character is no longer on my account, so I assume you have it now. Enjoy!

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