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Tengu pilot with excellent heavy missiles, engineering, shield, navigation and social skills.
Good faction standing in order to do blitz and earn tons of LP.

  • standings with Guristas faction(4.96) and corporation(5.95)
    (after the social skills are applied)
  • you can go to K3JR-J system for 5x lvl 4 agents, 3 from security.
  • +506 000 unallocated skill points
  • remap available + 1 bonus remap.
  • location: Null Sec
  • wallet: positive
  • kill rights: no

…and remember kids, don’t be like boernl who reinvented the Stupid-Smart style.
The style that makes you feel smart, while being extra stupid.

*bonus - cool name and good looking :slight_smile:
Starting bid: 24b
Buyout: 42 bill

Start you off with 21b b/o

22b and i am ready

Thank you for the bids, but the desired amount is not reached.

bump 5

my offer is 23 B


Thank you for the offer. Simple math declares you the only valid bidder.
Long story short, transfer the isk and I will transfer the character to your account.(via Ingame mail)

Info and ISK sent.

Transfer in progress…

Char sold to Osiris.
Fly safe o7

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