Amaizing Tengu pilot

Tengu pilot with excellent heavy missiles, engineering, shield, navigation and social skills.
Good faction standing in order to do blitz and earn tons of LP.

standings with -Guristas faction(4.13) and corporation(6.04)
-Angel Cartel(4.89) and corporation Archangel (9.63)

(after the social skills are applied)
you can go to K3JR-J system for 5x lvl 4 agents, 3 from security.
and D87E-A in Curse
remap available + 1 bonus remap.
location: Jita 4-4
wallet: positive
kill rights: no

*bonus - cool name and good looking :slight_smile:
Starting bid: 35b
Buyout: 43 bill

Best I can offer is 30B


@Nuclear_Powered_Eve send the isk and name the account in an EVEmail to this char, i’ll start the transfer.

30.5B Isk ready to send isk now

Are you not interested in selling?

Pilot Still for sale?

zkillboard says this toon is in Doomheim.

So sold, extracted and scrapped

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