106 mil SP returning player

Ello mates! :beers: US TZ older player looking for established null sec corp. I can fly most doctrines, Gallente Cap. capable. logi, etc. Just wanna make some coin and have some fun! Cheers! :beers:

Hello! Welcome back to the game! I want to invite to our little community - Spodbrain inc. - mine your future today!
We are small sized corporation inside a medium sized alliance IGC. We live in period basis and are part of Imperium coalition. We have plenty of opportunities to have fun from the game and have no mandatories (cause RL comes first!). However, we shoot lots of stuff as well as rocks and love to have fun on comms (especially drunk sober). We are both in US and EU tz. If you want to learn more come to have a chat Spodbrain inc.

Zero Reps Given (Razor) are looking for experienced players, hit us up in-game in our public channel ‘REPLS Public’.

He Man i hope i can offer you
A home to live
Funn to have
And storys to tell

Hello Zeals,

Have you ever considered living in WH space? If so, here is some information about us : Holy Hunters - US EAST - C4 Wormhole PvP Corp

ZealsDorff, welcome back, we sent you a mail, we’d be happy to have you join us on our many adventures :slight_smile:

Hey Bro,
Welcome back, I have sent you a in-game message with detail. I represent a well Establish nullsec corp who is looking for more pilots like yourself. we have a very good group of guys here who are more like family then anything. I look forward to hear from you and hope you take time to set up a interview to consider what we have to offer you.

Dude!!! Why not come join us in FW?

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