Hanging by a threat looking for new members

We at hanging by a thread are looking for miners who like a saver mining spot

we live in 0.0 in inmensia under the AARP flag and have everything at our disposal from ventures to hulks, and porpoise to rorqual boosting.

Do you like to get a shot of getting better minerals and some better moon goo like R64? Are you tired of hisec gankers or do you want to change your area? Then come and take a look at our kitchen.

We have a bpc library that is open to anyone who wants to help in industry. We also have a 85% buyback program which allows us to give our industry players a better percentage than any other corporation. We have an industrial park at our disposal with which we can even build capitals.

The alliance also has a training program for those that wish to lead mining operations training plan for rorqual And a Training for leading alliance moon ops

Does this sound like something good to you? please contact us!

what we expect is

That you are a team player

That you want to learn

That you help where it is needed

Sincerely, Evilsummit

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we are working on setting up shop in null this wil lead to new profits and better margens

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we are still looking for people that whant to join and have some funn


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we are still looking for new guys and girls

we are haveing a pvp week the guy of girl that kils the most wins a 100 mill

its time for that bump again

if you have ever been in nullsec then you know the fun we are having :smiley:

going good groing fast :smiley: so time for a bump again

groing and groing still need some dudes that like to mine and build :smiley:
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