107m SP char Looking for new home

I took a a 4 and a half year break and now looking for a home.

I am looking for a good nullsec mining system (-.5 or lower) thats secure. I’ll mass mine for the corp, produce ships and caps as the corp/alliance needs.

Happy to participate in pve and pvp. I’m EST time zone but i’m usually on in the mornings. (10am - 6pm UTC)

Come and give us a look brother :slight_smile:

HI @Aglibol,

TDSIN is currently recruiting industrialists for mining and production. We’re part of Scary Wormhole People and we live in Solitude lowsec. We operate in the areas of Solitude, Syndicate, Aridia, Placid, etc, as they are all around us, so we have moons and access to lowsec/nullsec ore anoms too.

For industry we have:

  • Structures for manufacturing, refining, and reactions, and research.

  • NPC stations to park any assets you want safely.

  • A variety of moons; R64/32/16/8/4.

  • Ice belts.

  • PvP fleet support for mining operations.

Here are some links with info:
Alliance Killboard


If this interests you, join “TDSIN Recruitment” and pop in an application!

Aglibol, Welcome back. we have a solid team with nice activity and what you wish to do is possible with us. Mail in game sent, feel free to reach back.

its all up to you :smiley: come have a chat when you are ready

Hey bud,

I’m Glazios, CEO of 2 PIRATES 1 CUP. We’re a small gang corp based in npc nullsec picking on the evil WinterCo and their surrounding allies. We’re a tight knit corp with an amazing alliance that enjoys pew pew and isk making in our down time. Our corp, and alliance, is primarily USTZ and we’re looking for active, well skilled members, to fill our ranks. Here’s what we have to offer:

  • Experienced leadership
  • Active fleets with daily roams
  • Lucrative ISK making opportunities
  • Corp SRP Program
  • Reward incentives for top pvpers, and contributors
  • An active and growing alliance with content generating like-minded individuals.
  • Alliance SRP Program

We expect our pilots to have the following attributes:

  • 10m SP (you clearly meet this)
  • Discord
  • Mumble
  • Some level of consistent activity.
  • ESI Auth for corp/alliance services

I’d love to have a chat with you and see if you’d be a good fit for us. You can reach me ingame (Glazios) or on our corp discord; 2P1C 'n Co.

Looking forward to speaking with you.

Hit me, i have demand and need a producer

come have a look, we might be the family you are looking for