108m sp returning player looking for high sec home

I am coming back to the game after being away for many years. I am looking for a high sec group perferabley in gallente space to relearn the game. Most of my years or playing involved me spinning my ships and being confused lol really want to learn the true gsme.

We live in gallente HS and have a c4. Newly formed corp. with a core of Vets and new bros flying missions, mining, Indi. Our focus is having fun and making isk. Come learn with us. stop by our in game chann PR-UN and Hi

You Are Welcome With us. :grinning:

we are not a high sec corp but we are in a nice part of space where you can learn industry, mining, PI and PvE. Check us out on:

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hi Joshua

if you want a good challange make sure to check us out.

we operate in pochen with daily wormholes 1-5 jumps from jita where you can do pve in between our pvp activities.

for more info just have a look at our latest vid


Hello you can come join us in The Order of Omerta if you like. We have HS and LS operations for people to enjoy in both US and EUtz and we would love to add more to the family. Our corp does Mining, indy, small gang pvp and fw, along with other activities.

Only ask for a mic so we can chat.

Hey Joshua,

I know what you mean about spinning ships and not knowing what to do with your time in Eve. It’s not a forgiving game if you’re trying to play the lone wolf.

Hisec is great and there are lots of things to do there but nullsec is where thing happen in this game. The push and pull of sovereignty, this isk making opportunities, the real pvp that actually makes a difference in the game and the bonds of friendships in corps.

While our corp is industry based, we do everything. Have a look at our corp advert and if interested, contact me in game or in our discord.

based in 0.0 with hs and ls near by trade hubs local aswell but plenty to do and learn out here to keep you occupied for a while


if you really want to learn the game, dont deny yourself it by staying in hisec.

TSSOC is a long time, well established corp, living in an active area of Null. we can offer you just about every aspect this game has to offer. and have a great goup of people who can teach you the game at the same time!

come check us out

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