10M SP looking for a home, looking a new established low sec group

Not a spy, look for my kill mail.

Have some experience of pvp, decent null sec explorer but no sleep couch(no sp).
Looking a home can play with friends have some small gang that’s i can bear and mining Dark orche.

Can’t endure:
Be a boss, this is ■■■■■■■ game.
Have HR
Question me, check my peronal email, my transaction. (Give me yours i give you mine, just be clear)
To summerize, just want an experience like all the other game. Can’t endure a stupid player just play longer than me be a boss to me.
And looking forward to see you. Have discord is the best.

I might have something for you. We don’t have a home in lowsec, but I have some friends who would enjoy to watch over you while mining. We even go through roams together and who knows… maybe that will be a place for a corporation office.

Just drop a mail or an application if you like and we’ll hop on the alliance’s discord to see if things will work out.

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