Trinity Combine is looking for you!


Hello there pilot,

First of all welcome to the little paradise I call Trinity Combine.
I am currently looking for all kinds of pilots, but mainly those of you who are interested in delivering ammo to pirates right through their ships’ hulls and also those who can’t sit still when they spot a player in lowsec.
As you might notice in my style it would take more than 10 forum posts, to contain what I want you, our next member, to know, so here is a brief list for you:

  • Member of The Ancients.
  • Cooperation with Eve Rookies Incursions
  • PvP-content in Corp- and Alliance-fleets
  • PvE-content in Corp- and Alliance-fleets
  • Free T1-ships up to Cruiser-Class
  • An awesome community to grow up with
  • Low taxes (2.5%)

Sounds quite good right? I mean thanks to our cooperation with the probably best community for new and old pilots to run chilled fleets with and our direct contact to (in my mind) the best public PvP community, I am able to actually guarantee these perks to you.

But now to what I, as CEO, expect from you…

…In general I keep distance from any rules in the corporation. I highly recommend though to join our alliance’s discord and register yourself on their web-tool. It’s hard to run a fleet without comms right? Also the website is there just to ensure that you don’t place any structures and that if you do, we can keep the damage done as low as possible and won’t get the corp kicked. A nice transition to my next point. The corporation, as well as our alliance, would like to remain immune to wardecs. Non-compliance would lead to… well I already slightly revealed that to you, but again, a kick from the corporation.

Of course complying to the basic rules of behaviour in public are what we expect as well.
Such things as don’t insult other people and stuff. As the alliance rules quote: “We are pirates, but still classy.”

I hope I’m going to see your application soon, but until then…

Fly Dangerous.

In case there should be any question, please reply to this Post, shoot an ig-mail to Lax Booster or join the channel “TRY.C public” in game.

we have free biscuits and drinks btw

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