110+M SP (Very) Late Night US TZ Nullsec (+ WH?) PvP'er LF high traffic camping PvP

please read the actual post and not just the title before responding.

i’m trying to see if there are groups focused on the kind of activity i enjoy.

i’m a returning vet and have been away for several years (pre-citadels).

active hours:

  • weekdays - 04:00 EVE time (9pm PT/12am ET) - 09:00 EVE time (2am PT/5am ET)
  • weekends - all day err day i guess

let’s start with some dealbreakers and a quick filter.

things i would prefer to never hear again:

  • “strat op”, “structure bash op”
  • “doctrines”. i like the freedom of flying what i want and fitting it how i want, within reason and usefulness. if you’re not “allowed” to do that, then why play. i think everyone is happier when they get to fly what they want.
  • “sov”, “entosis”/“toast”/“hack”, “timer”
  • “don’t aggress the neutrals, they’re not hostile”, “bluetral”
  • nullsec politics, “x corp/alliance/coalition is better than y”, “x corp/alliance/coalition are just a bunch of […]”, “[person] is a […]”
  • “auth”, “we need all of your characters on all accounts regardless of anything”, no regard for privacy
  • “pap”, “honk”

i die more and more inside every time i hear those things.

things i love to do:

  • gatecamping high traffic pipes, ideally with a cloaking group
  • combat probing. i may be one of the best probers you’ll ever meet. if there is anything in this game that i’d defend being good at, then it’s this.
  • picking off easy or opportune targets on-grid in a variety of situations, including big fleet fights and especially as a 3rd party
  • sniping

i am:

  • self sufficient. don’t need srp or shipping provided necessarily.
  • competent

style of culture:

  • 4chan > reddit > ?

i doubt this needs to be said, but if you want to know:

  • skills? eveskillboard.
  • active in pvp? zkillboard.

this may be the ideal nullsec camping situation for me:

  • living in npc null or otherwise near a big alliance’s or coalition’s staging system, especially during war time such as the present
  • group cloaked gatecamping a high traffic pipe next to their staging system
  • no sov or structures to worry about
  • minimal to no blues
  • farming giant alliances or coalitions

i did roughly the above the last time i was active for a substantial period and it was the most fun i’ve ever had in eve. according to the killboard, this was in 2013, when i was in goonswarm and ran daily with a “black ops” gatecamping group. i’m curious about whether there are groups dedicated to this.

also definitely interested in camping:

  • other side of a wormhole near something like jita
  • thera exit to something like closest system to jita
  • final liminality trig systems, especially niarja (!!!)

communications can be directed to:

  • this thread
  • evemail
  • xcron#5141 on discord

Hey mate would you br able to join our discord for a chat??

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i checked out DKSE on dotlan and zkill. for a number of reasons, i don’t think that this corp is what i’m looking for unless i’m missing something and you intended to refer me to some black ops group outside of the corp. otherwise, thanks for reaching out.

Did you read my mail or take a look at Bad V.? I think you could vibe real well with my corp and its members, we suit your play style.

Well, I dunno if we can help you with all of your list but maybe some of it. [USTZ] Know-Nothings, [KNONO] Pew harder!

Haven’t had much time for eve recently. But either way, I got back to you in-game.

I prefer to stay away from lowsec - don’t like dealing with standings and I prefer the way pvp works in null/wspace. It also doesn’t match the kind of activity I’m specifically looking to do with a group. Thanks for reaching out though.

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recently updated the title and OP to be more straightforward about the kind of activity i’m looking for and turned the long paragraph into a smaller paragraph and another bullet point list. thought you’d like to know. heard you like bullet point lists.

still looking for groups that do what i love.

perhaps i should open up my post to groups with a regular gatecamping focus as well. but of course, trying to do that next to a big group’s staging is going to mean getting hunted. getting hunted without a cloak obviously sucks. and if using anchored bubbles, they’re just going to get destroyed by said big group.

though, i do really like doing normal gatecamping as well. it gives me plenty of opportunity to use my combat probing skills against perch/tac users.

regular gatecamping is potentially viable further away from a group’s staging and perhaps best at a null/ls border gate - like d4ku/hophib in fountain, 1-smeb/sakht in delve, hed-gp/keberz in catch, etc. it could also be viable closer to the staging if you have tons of anchorable bubbles to burn.

still looking for groups with this kind of focus.

still looking.

still looking.

the big fight in y-2 was fun today. went there solo and had some fun pvp. would’ve been amazing to go with a group instead and to also have been a neutral 3rd party at the same time - it would’ve increased the volume of kills.

still looking.

still looking.

super tempted to join the trig effort in niarja today. it should result in a great system to gatecamp in if it falls to final lim/fake null or even just ls.

still looking.

got to niarja area way too late last night and never managed to join up. sucks. at least i was a part of it in spirit and watched the entire time.

after niarja flipped and i was thinking for a bit, i realized that i had completely forgotten to mention camping other high traffic locations: wormholes near jita and thera exits near jita. saw a korean group called Guerrilla Gardening camping the thera exit 2 or so out from jita that i wanted to use last night, which seems like a great idea.

and now, we have a high traffic final liminality trigsec system: niarja!! and it has looked really fun today.

updated my title and post accordingly ^

also, this is now just a pseudo blog apparently.

still looking.

I respect what your focus is on doing and I appreciate that you took the time to write this post, but I’m not so sure that what you laid out is aligned with what I’m looking for. Your description translates into a lot of effort, time, and investment. My personal opinion is that there is much “low[er] hanging fruit” content out there that produces a substantially larger volume of kills for minimal effort and relatively low time investment. A group that focuses on the content I laid out in my post is what I’m looking for. That being said, thanks for taking the time to reach out - I appreciate it.

This can also serve as my daily bump! Still looking.

Still looking.

Join UNKSO in Fade and help protect our miners!

Ok, that doesn’t seem relevant to my post.

This is also my daily bump! Still looking.

Still looking.