Pilot seeking Late night US/AU PVP

My play time ranges from 6pm - 4am EST. I’m Seeking an active corp/alliance that peaks during this time. I prefer dps rolls in fleets but can fly logi if needed. I have fighters V and can fly a niddy very well skill wise.

what i’m looking for:

  • Small gang/large fleet pvp
  • Carrier ratting space during inactive time
  • 20+ unique players(on in the corp) during peak hours
  • Several organized pvp fleets a day
  • ■■■■ posting
  • The dankest of memes
  • English language for most of the alliance
  • Cap PVP

What i’d like to avoid

  • DCU
  • Anything that references drone hordes
  • The blue donut ( I realize this might be harder to achieve seeings how 80% of the fucking sov is holding hands)
  • People who unironically use twitch memes in their normal language.

Side notes
My killboard looks like ■■■■ for the past few weeks because i was flying logi in almost every fleet. While i realize my hours of operation are harder to accommodate i can’t stress enough that i really put value on having other people to play with. Being in a EU/Early morning US timezone alliance/corp isn’t going to cut it for me.

How to contact me
I dont check reddit that often, your best bet is to message me ingame Or add me on discord to chat. (SSj4Nappa#7134) Yes, i have a mic and a working headset and prefer to talk over writing walls of text.


Check us out mate I think we could be a good fit:

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