[110m SP] Returning Vet looking to get back into FW

I have done it all, from Carebare, Nullsec Alliance, Wormhole and Faction Warfare which was the most fun if you ask me.

Would love to get back into FW and doing it solo seems meh. I would prefer minnie side since I have them really well ranked up but I am open to others.

You Are Welcome With us, :grinning:

Minnies? Do better and join Amarr!

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We do GalMil which is aligned with Minmatar

check us out

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Given your well rounded skillset and experience, I think you might make a good merc! We are based in Gallente FW but accept mercenary contracts which take us for fights and campaign deployments all over the game, from null to wormholes. 90% of the money we bring in gets paid directly to players, in addition to SRP and other benefits.

We’re one of the most organized FW groups and most chill communities you could hope for. Drop an app on Discord and come talk to us for more info, happy to answer any questions you might have.

Noir. Recruitment

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