[EU & US] Blood Eagle Syndicate | Amarr FW

Ailio Industries of the Blood Eagle Syndicate is looking for new blood, both individual players into the corp or corporations to join the alliance!

Love taking part in small to mid scale PVP whilst working closely as a team and have the opportunity to make ISK at the same time? Psssst, that’s us.

We are a small, well rehearsed group of veterans who like to blow spaceships up.

We want to grow and build something, individually as a corp and as our alliance “Blood Eagle Syndicate”.

Things you can expect to find yourself into when PVPing with us:

-First and foremost, a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

-Mercenary contracts eg. evictions, defense requests, wardecs, you name it.

-Clubbing structures with big space sticks.

-WH Evictions (unless we lose our probes :eyes:).

-Faction Warfare for the great Amarr Empire, reducing Minmatar spaceships into parts to make coffee tables out of.

-Black Ops fleets, because why not? :wink:

Important to us:

  • No drama.
  • Adult handling of ship losses.
  • Respect & team mentality.
  • Motivation to PVP, those rust buckets won’t blow up themselves :wink:
  • Willingness to fly high priced doctrines and skill towards them.

Concerned about your experience and/or character SP? Don’t worry, best part of eve, everybody has a role. Hero tacklers…are heroes. Can’t kill it if you can’t catch it.

Languages: English / German
Timezones: EU and US

Come say hello and become part of the Blood Eagle Syndicate!



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Still accepting members, as well as corporations!

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Still accepting new members and corps!

Still looking :slight_smile:

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Still accepting new members and corps!

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Still accepting new members and corps!

Still accepting new members and corps!

Don’t delay - apply today👍


Still looking!

I am new to the game. Getting better but need help and a team to work with

Absolutely fine, I see you’ve made it to our discord. Please follow the recruit instructions and we’ll go from there.

Still accepting new members and corps!