Blood Eagle Syndicate | 24 / 7 PVP in Amarr Warzone

Blood Eagle Syndicate recruiting!

We are a Small- and Mid-Gang PVP focused group with a strong undock and shoot mindset. Our goal is to develop the young Alliance into a direction of fighting risky fights outnumbered and winning.

We offer:

  • Some of the most active and experienced FC Staff in Amarr Militia and arround

  • 24/7 PVP Content- Everything from Frigate 1v1 to massive Battleship / Dreadnought brawls

  • Marauder Escalations, Ikitursas and a bunch of interesting and engaging Doctrins giving u the opportunity to go beyond berong f1 monkey attrition comps.

Check-Out our Youtube Blood Eagle Syndicate - YouTube

What we are looking for:

  • Strong PVP mindset meaning: Undock and shoot. Smile on losses as a opportunity to learn. No Toxicity- Skill into proper Doctrins and make sure u have the Ships ready

  • Try to increase your combat Value by alts and doing usefull things on your own

  • Be able to fly in Solo / Small Gang without a anchor or babysitter.

We are also recruiting younger players if u you have a strong PVP mindset and motivation to go into the right direction. Mainly we look for experienced players and veterans.

How to join: Join Discord and follow recruitment instructions.

Language:German / English

Location: The Black Lands and Amarr

Discord: Blood Eagle Syndicate

Timezone: Mainly EUTZ with growing USTZ

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