112+ Mil SP Very good Subcap PVP ONLY


No Wasted Skill Points ( None of that PI, Industry, Mining Garbage)

Postive wallet
Postive Sec status
In High sec
All Pods in high sec NPC stations
Edit: Now with all the Black Ops Stuff Injected!

High lights:
Logi 5
Recons 5
Maruaders 5

High Grade Snakes, Slaves, Crystals, Ascends, Askplains
Mid Grade snakes
carefully check all clones for full shiney value.


Notable Skins:
Waschi Uprising Combat: Garmur and Orthrus
Raata Sunset: Golem
Purity of The Throne: Armageddon, Omen Navy Issue, Maller
Police: Kronos
Glacial Drift: Phantasm, Succubus, Armageddon Navy Issue, Bhaalgorn, Curse, Ashimmu, Sentinel, Retribution, Brutix Navy Issue, Vexor Navy Issue, Vigilant, Vindicator.
Blue Tiger: Stabber
Ironblood: Gnosis
Cold Iron: Armageddon, Augoror Navy Issue, Curse, Omen, Omen Navy Issue, Prophecy, Sentinel

and more!!!

Starting bid: 103 Bil

Buyout: 113 Bil (Or best Offer Over 103 Bil)

-.- no money for it

Bumpity, Skins Added.


85b b/o

Min bid is 112 and if your wondering no I won’t under sell it, if it doesn’t sell for over 112 Ill just take it off market and keep training it.

just a bid (for what i think it’s worth). if you’re wondering, i won’t overpay, i will just keep my isk while you keep training.

Due to the Skins it has and Pods its worth well over 112 bil, its not a char to extract SP from to make a profit, it’s a char to undock and use. ( if you do the math each HG pod is worth 3 bil min, so ignoring skins, 5x3 on the pods== Sp amount + pod amount == 127 Bil and thats the low end)

which is why I am more than fine pulling it off if no one takes it after 2-3 weeks.



Implants aren’t part of the value, sadly. Good luck with sale.

They are if you read the bazaar faq, says something like you can only " you can only sell the character, the sp, and what’s on the clones and list skins if you want" go read yourself for exact wording…


Edit: Now with Black Ops Stuff injected!




Starting bid and Buyout modified.



the reason the bid is so much lower than what you want is people dont pay for skins and implants. Its all about the SP

93 bil