112+ Mil SP Very good Subcap PVP ONLY

(CelaQulundeO) #1


No Wasted Skill Points ( None of that PI, Industry, Mining Garbage)

Postive wallet
Postive Sec status
In High sec
All Pods in high sec NPC stations
Edit: Now with all the Black Ops Stuff Injected!

High lights:
Logi 5
Recons 5
Maruaders 5

High Grade Snakes, Slaves, Crystals, Ascends, Askplains
Mid Grade snakes
carefully check all clones for full shiney value.


Notable Skins:
Waschi Uprising Combat: Garmur and Orthrus
Raata Sunset: Golem
Purity of The Throne: Armageddon, Omen Navy Issue, Maller
Police: Kronos
Glacial Drift: Phantasm, Succubus, Armageddon Navy Issue, Bhaalgorn, Curse, Ashimmu, Sentinel, Retribution, Brutix Navy Issue, Vexor Navy Issue, Vigilant, Vindicator.
Blue Tiger: Stabber
Ironblood: Gnosis
Cold Iron: Armageddon, Augoror Navy Issue, Curse, Omen, Omen Navy Issue, Prophecy, Sentinel

and more!!!

Starting bid: 103 Bil

Buyout: 113 Bil (Or best Offer Over 103 Bil)

(Xanro Gwuin) #2

-.- no money for it

(CelaQulundeO) #3

Bumpity, Skins Added.

(CelaQulundeO) #4


(Alexset Bath) #5

85b b/o

(CelaQulundeO) #6

Min bid is 112 and if your wondering no I won’t under sell it, if it doesn’t sell for over 112 Ill just take it off market and keep training it.

(Alexset Bath) #7

just a bid (for what i think it’s worth). if you’re wondering, i won’t overpay, i will just keep my isk while you keep training.

(CelaQulundeO) #8

Due to the Skins it has and Pods its worth well over 112 bil, its not a char to extract SP from to make a profit, it’s a char to undock and use. ( if you do the math each HG pod is worth 3 bil min, so ignoring skins, 5x3 on the pods== Sp amount + pod amount == 127 Bil and thats the low end)

which is why I am more than fine pulling it off if no one takes it after 2-3 weeks.

(CelaQulundeO) #9


(CelaQulundeO) #10


(Texas Hold'em) #11

Implants aren’t part of the value, sadly. Good luck with sale.

(CelaQulundeO) #12

They are if you read the bazaar faq, says something like you can only " you can only sell the character, the sp, and what’s on the clones and list skins if you want" go read yourself for exact wording…

(CelaQulundeO) #13


Edit: Now with Black Ops Stuff injected!

(Alexset Bath) #14


(CelaQulundeO) #15


(CelaQulundeO) #16


Starting bid and Buyout modified.

(CelaQulundeO) #17


(zzslavesssss) #18


the reason the bid is so much lower than what you want is people dont pay for skins and implants. Its all about the SP

(Gattanera) #19

93 bil

(zzslavesssss) #20