WTS 125 mil SP subcap PVP focus

(Old Won) #1

Hi all, selling this Char.


HAC, Recon, Logi, Command ships, Marauders, Blackops - 5
All racial destroyer, cruiser, battlecruiser - 5
Amarr, Gallente + Minmatar battleship - 5
All T3 subs - 5
All scanning skills - 5
Max PVP booster

Remap + bonus remap available
1,047,240 unallocated skillpoints

Character has positive wallet, positive sec status, no kill rights, is located in Jita, and has 1 jump clone also in Jita. I will receive the ISK and pay the transfer fee in accordance with CCP rules.

Starting Bid: 100 Bil
Buyout: 120Bil

I reserve the right not to sell this character should I not find an offer to my liking.

WTB Pure Subcapital Toon
WTB Subcap God
(Old Won) #2

Daily Bump

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(Maizie Fields) #5

I could get to 95b.

(FrostyJack) #6


(Old Won) #7


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(Swan Sai) #9

105b b/o

(Darkness Yassavi) #10

still for sale? 106bn

(Old Won) #11

Still for sale!

(Darkness Yassavi) #12


(Old Won) #13

Bump! + Info updated

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(Darkness Yassavi) #15

I offer 110bn for this char .I’ll ready to pay in about ~10 days (9-11) ( you can bump your topic and accept any other offer just keep my offer in your mind)

(Old Won) #16

Cool thanks for the offer!

(Old Won) #17


(Old Won) #18

Bump! Darkness currently highest bid at 110b

(Hidalgo Gengod) #19

Jump clone with implants?

(Old Won) #20

Jump clone has full Genos +
Navigation NN-603
Shield Management SM-703
Zor’s Hyperlink
Rep Fleet Mindlink