Price check: "Near" Perfect Subcap PVP only skills

Price check

lots of shiney clones
118 + MIl SP.

near perfect subcap PvP skills only.

Just checking price for now.

Oh yea also a lot of Subcap skins too, ask for those.

after the year + of remaining subcap pvp skills onto dreds. ““Meh””

Bumpity: Still looking for estimators and potential buyers

How does ermm 92 bil starting and 108 bil buyout sound?

Bump-Idy: I may even entertain a remote attempt at a reasonable offer… Maybe.

70 bil

Ok, I lied.

I wasn’t going to entertain ““ANY”” offer.

88 bil Starting bid.

Message me for eve skill password.

85 bil

I thought about it and

Ill maintain starting bid at 88 bil and set BUYOUT to 98 Bil.

I can offer an 88b b/o valid until downtime

Bump-idy, message here or in game for view password.

Pls send me pass for EVE Board

If you want an appraisal mail me. I habe a thread on price check forums

emailed you both in game with the password.

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