112M SP Miner/Mission Runner Returning

Simply looking for a HiSec Corp that is deep into mining and/or mission running. Not looking for null/0.0.

Been out of the game for couple years, but when I left had max mining capability in a Hulk with all mining implants and can offer Mining Foreman Implant boost in an Orca or Nighthawk. Will be training Rorqual fully soon, other than that, if it can shoot a rock, I can fly it effectively.

I’m Caldari all the way. Shield and heavy missiles in CN Drake or NIghthawk. 9.4 with the State so can run any mission they offer.

Don’t care for PvP. I don’t mind loosing ships/fittings, just don’t like that aspect of gameplay.

Don’t mind a couple hours of mining at a time and am okay with a corp buyback program as long as it’s fair. Also can run back to back missions for as long as I have a partner or two. COSMOS is fun if people still do those.

Was a T2 manufacturer back in Carbide days and from the look of skills, not a lot has changed there and am willing to contribute any way I can on that front.

I have been in exactly one Wormhole and left when those were relatively new, so anything after that date, will need a bit of guidance.

Anything questions I can freely answer. As for corp history, if it has the word Dragonbait(e) in it, it was a one manner to keep the tax money from the game.

US Central time. Playing early nites and most of the weekend.

@Big_Strauhm Right dude. We do pvp but its non obligational with us. Not gonna feed lies to you like some corps will.

You would fit in well with our industry team that mines in highsec and lowsec.

Mail me back in game and I can introduce you to the guys and girls.

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