115 Mil SP Subcap Pilot- Looking for Corp

About me in RL: US Central TZ. Male. 50’s. Balding. Health issues. I think farting is funny. I still sometimes laugh at the word “penis”. Essentially a prepubescent boy trapped in an old man’s body.
About me in game:
I’m not an elite, leet, or l33t pvp pilot. I’m just a subcap pilot looking for a laid back (but serious when it’s about to go down) group to fly with in small to medium sized PvP gangs. I’m not disruptive on comms. When in fleet and on comms I’m focused, because I live for top damage.
EvE times I’m most likely to be active:
Mon-Thur between 2200-0200, Fri from 2200-until I fall asleep at the keyboard, Sat from 0900-1600, then 2200-until I fall asleep at the keyboard, Sun from 0900-1600, then 2200-0200. Times are approximate, not exact.

No, I will not enter my eve login into any link you send me. No, I will not give my full API/ESI/SSI/XYZ/PDQ/ETC. If these are a non negotiable requirement to join your group, please save us both the time, and don’t contact me.

If you’re worried about trusting me, then don’t give me access to your corp hangars, wallets, or allow me to be able to take control of structures. I don’t want that anyway and won’t ever ask for it.
If you’re worried about providing me ships for your fleets, don’t. I’ll happily buy them off contracts, off the local market, or I’ll buy them in Jita and manually fly each one to wherever I need to. If you’re flying a doctrine that for some reason I’m not able to acquire, then I won’t be in the fleet, and on comms on that particular day. EvE is just game.

If interested, please reply to this thread or DM me. Or in game by convo or eve mail.

Thanks for your time and consideration!


Got mail in game m8, enjoy and dont let them turn u into a bitter Vet with all that Spy and drama ■■■■ :rofl: ITS A FRIGGIN GAME. enjoy :sunglasses: :policewoman:

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Hey dude come join us on discord we can have a chat give you the load down on us

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Hope you dont mind but im gonna copy some parts of your aplication. Its very well done and im looking for something similar also.
Good luck. :grinning:

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