11m sp Amarr pilot 10b


In NPC Corp
Security Status +5.01
Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
All CCP Rules Apply

2 Jump clones in highsec
~950,000 CONCORD LP

Amarr Cruiser 5
All Amarr Subsystems 5
Medium Energy Turret 5
Cybernetics 5
Heaps of injected skills

Full Slave Clone with gunnery implants (Current)
Full Genolution Clone with Logi implants
Full +5 Learning Clone

Starting Bid - 10 Billion

Buyout - Reserved

bump - Open to offers

Proof of clones, this will anyone that want to do incursions

10 bill buyout.

Thanks for the bid, waiting till after the weekend to sell

BUMP - Back up we go

Tried contacting Ehsan_Faaz ingame but hasn’t been contactable - Still up for sale

Clones, ships, implants can not be used towards the sale of a character. It’s the rules. Please do not try to get more isk for a toon just because you’ve invested more money into it. Toons are sold based on LP, Sec Status and other merits alone. Isk, LP etc doesn’t count and can’t be counted read the rules on selling toons.

Items cannot be listed among the character’s valuable assets, only skills, implants and reputation. You are buying/selling the character ONLY and nothing else. Ships and items can be readily bought or sold on the market for ISK.

Please read re-read the rules, i am selling only the character skills, implants and reputation

I offered a buyout, you refused it. Now i’ve already set up a different character instead and no longer require this one.