120m SP lf WH Corp

(Darth Xiphos) #1

Hi there,
after a long time in SOV 0.0 iam looking for some fun in a wormhole corp, based in EU TZ.

What iam looking for:

Daily PvP Options in small to medium scaled fleets
Setup Corp (i dont want to spend 5 months in “we are building a new corp” again
Options to make ISKies in case my wallet runs low (Capital escalations?)
Voicecomms should be TS3, i dont like discord :stuck_out_tongue:
English/German speaking people :smiley:
Experienced people
Non Imperium/Blue to Imperium

What i offer:
Over 10 years eve experience (with a couple breaks)
120m SP Main, with 3 alts with 80, 50m (pure pvp/scanning), 30m SP
Titan/Super Pilot (ships owned),Dreads, Carries, FAX
all t3s learned,
Logi experience
Can create my own content,wont get bored when nothing happens for 5 minutes (are we there yet? :smiley:)
Will to learn (iam a bit rusty in WHthings)

(Zoran Naari) #2

Hi Darth,

Based off of what you’re looking for, I think we might be a good fit! I’d love to talk to you about TDSIN. We’re established (over 8 years in WH space), have an active EU and US TZ at about a 40/60% split. And, we have members that speak both English and German. In fact, one of our EU TZ leaders is German. :slight_smile:

We’re also one of the most active WH groups with daily PvP content, weekly ops and larger-scaled special ops happening on a regular basis. Our group is comprised mostly of veterans such as yourself, as well. We live in a C5/C5 and have a growing farmhole empire for your krabbing/ISK needs - which we assist you with the setup and eviction if needed.

In any case, I’d love the chance to chat with you in game - or on TS - about what makes TDSIN different from the rest! PM me in-game or msg me here. Looking forward to talking to you!


(Dread Charlie) #3

Hello! We are NOT a wh corp, but anyways, please check our recruitment post:


Fly safe

(King Creator) #4

Hey Darth, I think we’d be a awesome fit! check us out,

(Darth Xiphos) #5

was a bit busy last few days, thanks for the offers so far, trying to get in contact with yall tomorrow

(system) #6

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