120m SP USTZ LF Null, maybe WH

Hi everyone, returning from a break. Been playing a long time and have done most things. Im a 120m combat focused pilot, can fly a ton of stuff. Small gang and some large fleet experience. Carrier pilot. I come with a Rev alt.

Just want to log on, do both PVP and PVE as a team as I continue to learn this game.

Hi, if you’re looking for a US PvP wormhole corporation with the desire of learning and enjoying each other’s company, feel free to take a look at us .

No interest in low-sec?

Maybe WH?

Date with Death maintains a laid-back, flexible philosophy that immediately focuses on small gang PVP. We are looking for people eager to learn and live in WormHole Space.

If you want to talk more-
Join our Discord - Date With Death .

Here are the Killboards -
Alliance Killboard - Stay Feral | Alliance | zKillboard
Corp Killboard - Date With Death | Corporation | zKillboard

All of your guys’ discord links are broken and I dont see a pub channel.

we are a smaller tightnit corp out in ns join our discord and come chat to see if we are a fit for you REPZ

You Welcome With us :grinning:

Hey there, I’m from HVYCC. We’re a 0.0 corporation out of Geminate and members of No Visual. alliance, and part of the Winter Coalition.

We’re a small tight knit PVP corp looking for like minded people who just wanna get on and have fun! We have access to small gang, blops, large fleets, and cap fleets!

We also have access to ISK opportunities such as:

  • Guristas ratting
  • Moon, ore, and ice mining
  • PI

We also have corp, alliance, and coalition SRP!

If you’re interested stop by your discord!

If you’d like to read more about us, here is our recruitment post: HVYCC-Stay Heavy Friends. Null PVP/Industry Alpha/Veterans Welcome

Fantastic corp with great mambers!

come say hi

o7 and good evening hope you are well after reading this I think you’d enjoy flying with us all our info is in the linked post below along with contact info if you’re interested please contact me :slight_smile: best of luck on the hunt for a corp

Hey man check us out “into the ether” we are the most active us corp in we form blob alliance based out of fade/dek area

Nightly fleet fights, corp roams and game nights

Idk faucets galore

I was in the army but won’t hold is against you :stuck_out_tongue:

Come talk to us sometime

hey man,

If you are interested in WH space, come check us out:

Inevitable Outcome - WH PVP CORP - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

We are a US TZ alliance in SOV null in the big bloc no fly zone (Wicked Creek). We have mostly veteran players who came together to be a part of this unique time in EVE.

Miners are recruiting. We have some new null sov and a WH for the usual WH things.

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