128M [SOLD]

Leading offer: 135B By Titan Flare
Auction ends: TODAY 19:00 EvE TIME
B/O: Reached at 135B. Outbid by 19:00 still accepted

Hey guys,

It’s time for me to sell my beloved character.
It has been my main character for many years now.
I hope you guys will see the value of how I made him.
The strategy has been for many years: grind all the utility skills now, so that you’ll only have to remap perception/willpower in the end and train for whatever shiny ship you want.

The character is now where I always wanted him to be: the utility skills are basically all lvl 5, I consider the intel/mem and other potentiel remapping DONE, as far as I’m concerned, this character would stay perception/willpower forever.
Downside is the relatively low ship types he masters as of right now, but it will soon change. I’m working on capital ship now so he can master supercarrier asap.

Faction standing with sisters of eve is nice if you’re interested in PvE mission running


-3.5 M free sp
-Most utility skills lvl 5
Perfect fighter skills
-Most drone skill lvl 5
-Perfect fleet support (except mining)
-Perfect navigation cap skills
-Perfect scanning skills
-perfect targeting skills
-Some trade skills
-Starbase defense management lvl 5 (skill that might disappear in a close future so you get that much free SP)
-full set of lvl 5 implants
-Most subcap spaceship skills already injected saving you isk for later use
-Rorq capable

No kill rights
Wallet positive
Few available jump clones
In high security with 5.0 sec status

Starting bid: 120B

Contacted in-game

I dont have any buy out price in mind yet, I’ll contact you if that changes

100 bil

Thanks for start

120 bil

121 bil


125 B leading assuming 12.5 was a typo, otherwise James bond leading 121 B !
Thanks for offers

Do you have a female role?

Cant answer. Instructions unclear.

I want to buy a female role account.

Bump !


messaged in game

No Buy out price, I want to let the auction running for some time.

123 bil

Iva Stark leads with 123 B
I added an auction ending date: July 10th.

Auction might end early if I get the right offer

what is B/O price

I already answered that question 3 times.
Bump !