WTS 120.284m SP (Sold)

Hello I’m placing this character up for auction
You may review skills here.

Excellent Leadership Skills, Mainly sub caps, but has good Force Recon Skills.
Excellent all-around Character
Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
3 Remaps Available
No Jump Clones in 0.0, Low Sec.
Character located in Hi-Sec - Jita
-2.9 Security Standings - Disliked by caldari state while an alpha clone (Diplomacy reverts)
Accepting offers above 85B
Reserve Hidden.
Will Pay Transfer Fee
Ends 07/30/2018 (extended)


96 bil


98 bil


105 bill. isk available now.

We’ll say reserve is met.
Daily Bamp

I’ll raise to 115b as a serious buyout offer. Let me know soon please as i am considering another character also.

Edit: 115b current BO offer, I’ll give it 1hr, if nothing more I’ll accept.

So, accepted?

Yeah, seems good to me

Ok can you send me the character sale mail in game to state that you have agreed to sell the character on the forum for the price we agreed on? I will then reply and send the isk to you.

ISK received, transfer initiated.

Character transfer received confirmed.

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