WTS 120.284m SP (Sold)

(ihavenotoneclue) #1

Hello I’m placing this character up for auction
You may review skills here.

Excellent Leadership Skills, Mainly sub caps, but has good Force Recon Skills.
Excellent all-around Character
Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
3 Remaps Available
No Jump Clones in 0.0, Low Sec.
Character located in Hi-Sec - Jita
-2.9 Security Standings - Disliked by caldari state while an alpha clone (Diplomacy reverts)
Accepting offers above 85B
Reserve Hidden.
Will Pay Transfer Fee
Ends 07/30/2018 (extended)

(zzslavesssss) #2


(Gattanera) #3

96 bil

(zzslavesssss) #4


(Gattanera) #5

98 bil

(zzslavesssss) #6


(Fablen) #7

105 bill. isk available now.

(ihavenotoneclue) #8

We’ll say reserve is met.
Daily Bamp

(Fablen) #9

I’ll raise to 115b as a serious buyout offer. Let me know soon please as i am considering another character also.

(ihavenotoneclue) #10

Edit: 115b current BO offer, I’ll give it 1hr, if nothing more I’ll accept.

(Fablen) #11

So, accepted?

(ihavenotoneclue) #12

Yeah, seems good to me

(Fablen) #13

Ok can you send me the character sale mail in game to state that you have agreed to sell the character on the forum for the price we agreed on? I will then reply and send the isk to you.

(ihavenotoneclue) #14

ISK received, transfer initiated.

(Fablen) #15

Character transfer received confirmed.

(system) #16

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