13.2m SP Trader, Freighter, and miner

-2.8M SP in Trade
-Minmatar Freighter
-Exhumers 5
-Can fly expedition frigates (prospect / endurance)
-Ice harvesting, Astrogeology, and Gas Huffing 5
-Ice Harvesting Drone Operation 5
-179k unallocated SP

-10 days old no corp history, no interactions with anyone, no kill rights for or against, clean zkill
-Positive wallet and sec. status / located in highsec

You want to stick what in my bump? WHAT WHAT IN MY BUMP

starting bid 2 bil :slight_smile: )

2.5B offer

3B offer

4 billion

5bil offer

5.5b B/O

how much do you want for it? I will buy it for 15 Bill

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