18.7M sp Explorer for sale - [SOLD]

18.7M skillpoints total (328k unallocated)
Positive wallet
No kill rights
Security status 1.5
Jump (clean) clones in Thera, PC9 and Amygnon
Located in Gallente HighSec but can be moved to Jita 4/4
3 improved and 2 standard implants + EY-1005
2 Bonus remaps + normal remap


Thank you but I think it is low.

honestly 18 mil sp character with just exploration skills i would put a b/o of 5 bil.
you dont have anything else to justify what your looking for.

[quote=“Protocol3, post:4, topic:372968, username:Protocol3”]
[/quote]I can provide up to 7.5b, please consider

I am considering 8.5b. Thank you for your offer.

B/O will be 8.5b first come (if any :slight_smile: ) first serve.

Take care people

Okay, if you want to sell at 7.5b, please contact me


8b offer

We are very close!

ok, let’s go with 8.5b

9b isk. Thank you.

24h wait and see if there is another offer.

10b offer available in next 12h

10.5b offer for 24h.

11b offer

Final 24h, after that it goes to the highest bidder.

Sorry for the delay, I was in vacation and didn’t constantly had internet.

Thanks everyone for bidding.

11.5b offer for 24h

12b offer

12.25b and that is my absolute final. If someone wants the character so bad just bid 1 ISK more.