WTS: Trader/Hauler/Industrialist alt

All rules complied.

  • Skill Points: 31,199,072 (all allocated)
  • Security Rating: 4.5752964
  • Date of Birth: 03/03/2016
  • Focused on hauling (can fly freighters, DSTs and blockade runners), trading and some industry
  • Full Mid-grade Nomad implants set for quick align
  • Neural Remap Available now
  • Character located in Perimeter in a fitted Victorieux Luxury Yacht (worth around 260M ISK)
  • Clean wallet
  • Cool trading name :slight_smile:

Asking Price: 25 billion ISK
Reason to sell: No longer need this alt, have another which can do the same.

15B offer bid

15.5 bill

15.5B offer accepted.

@John_Trader isk and account info sent

Transfer initiated. Thank you. o7

Character received. Thanks for a smooth transaction.

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