Character SOLD

I am up for sale:

wallet: 0isk
no kill rights
no jump clones
char location: jita4-4

note: i already left my corp, maybe it hasn’t updated correctly yet

Buyout: 35B

21 bil

Hi 25 BO

Thanks for the offers, 24h Bump

Still available?

Yes, still available

Offering 30b B/O, Will need 24 hours to sort the isk tho

Thanks for the offer, but I would like to go at least 32b to make the transfer worthwile. If you can get me that, the character is yours. - I wouldn’t mind the 24 hours.

32b b/o

ok great 32b confirmed - as promised you get your 24 hours.
Let’s just say 18:00 GMT+0 deadline that’s in 25hours and 10 minutes from now.
when you have the money just send it to me (this character) ingame and send me an evemail with the account to transfer the character to.
I will then transfer as soon as the money is confirmed and I am able to start the transfer.


Dont need the 24 hours, Will transfer the isk when i get home (Around 21:00 eve), Do i DM you the account name?

ah nice, just send me an evemail ingame with the accountname please :slight_smile:


Got the mail thanks, standing by for the money :slight_smile:

Isk Sent

Money received thanks.
Character transfer initiated - therefore this sale is closed now.
Thanks again and have fun with your “new” character.
Best regards



Just a little FYI for you, please ensure you have UNLINKED this account from EVERY SINGLE AUTH ACCOUNT that you have if you ever SSO’d, It will allow me to log in as you if you do not do this!


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