Character Sold

I am for Sale:

currently at lvl3 exhumers, but got spare SP left over (2.2m) so you could easily fill in the rest of that skill.

wallet: 0isk
no kill rights
no jump clones
char location: jita4-4

Buyout: 6B

4.6 from me

5.5 Bill from me.

make it 6b and we got us a deal

Offer withdrawn

24h bump, 6b and the char is yours, who wants it?

24h Bump

5.55 bil.

i was going to bid but Arsx is here lol

6bil offer

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and I will gladly accept that offer, 6B confirmed - please send the money and an evemail with the targetaccount to me ingame. I will check everything and start the transfer asap after.

ISK and Account details sent

I received the money and the targetaccount - Thank you!
Sadly this happened:

→ Therefore i will try over the course of Sunday, if the service gets back up, if it’s not back till Sunday evening (eve time) I will just send you the money back till this is fixed.
Hope it’s done soon @_@

No problem i knew the maintenance was going on, ill talk to you tomorrow!

Meh, this seems to be an ongoing thing:

at least no update yet. how do you wanna handle it?

I’m content to leave everything as is and wait for them to settle maintenance, if that’s fine with you?

yep fine, will transfer as soon as possible.

6.5 billion ISK offer.

Transfer started. Enjoy your character.
Thanks again → Thread to sold

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