Character Sold

I am up for Sale:

wallet: 0isk
no kill rights
char location: jita4-4
Jump Clone:

Buyout: 66B
bidstart: 56b

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48 bil

Thanks for the offer, 24h bump

24h bump, up to the top we go!

47B offer

Thanks for the offer, I adjusted the bidstart to 56b now, if I go below that i would just extract the toon, but with 56b it’s at least break even including transfercost.
Looking forward to your offers.

56B Offer Bro :slight_smile:

57B offer

I’m interested in this character ,what price you want? maybe we can make a deal in a good price today.

Hey there, thanks for the interest. Well if you want I can go down to like 62B buyout, but I don’t really wanna go below that deck necessarily. I don’t really have a stress selling the character.

Character transfers are temporarily suspended while upgrades to the service are being conducted.

62B Buyout Offer

Alright yeah, given you were the first to respond I would just take your offer over 62B, but let’s hold on till this is resolved:

else I can’t transfer the character atm.

Yeah sure no problem :slight_smile:

Is the transfer service up again, or is it still bugged?

Iam Machine As soon as there’s some news let me know :slight_smile:

just check here guys:

waiting on it myself :confused:

Iam Machine Looks like its fixed ! Are you ready to receive account information and isk ?

yes, transfer the 62B to me ingame and send me an evemail with the targetaccountname please.

ISk and and account information sent :slight_smile: Thank you I will look forward to receiving him.