SOLD --- WTS - 242m SP Cap/Subcap pilot

242m skill points total ( 10,5m unallocated )
Born 2006-08-15
In NPC corp in Jita
Security status -0.129
No killrights
Positive wallet
Remap available now + 2 bonus remaps.
6 Jump Clones

  • High Grade Amulet Set
  • Mid Grade Amulet Set
  • Mid Grade Talisman Set
  • Mid Grade Snake Set
  • Standard +4
  • Improved +5

Bidding starts at 190b

180bil buy out. isk in hand

Still for sale

my offer is still good.

I’ll think about it, but I’m in no hurry

Please ignore in game mail. I will attempt to liquidate before offer. Per rules.

Ingame Offer sent. Isk Ready.

184 bil buy out

Highest bid 190b

If no higher bid comes in the next 24 hours it will be accepted.


192B B/O Isk ready.


196B Isk ready

196b Offer accepted, send ISK and account info.

Isk and Account info Sent. Please confirm when Transfer begins

ISK Received and transfer initiated.

Thank you sir!

Have not recieved email confirmation can you confirm it has been initiated?

Ignore me. No email confirmatiom but i can see the transfer in the account. Thanks again!

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