L&A please

Selling my alt Miner and do-it-all slave with 47m SP. Great toon which is JF ready or can go deeper into industry/mining.

  • Blockade runner / Deep Space Transport
  • Exhumers
  • PI / Trade / Research
  • Covert Ops & Scanners

Jump Clones in Uttindar and Mirilene with Basic / Standard Implants

Can run L4 with Core Complextion & Freedom Extension, positive sec status, no kill rights or other surprises and of course, an empty wallet and zero assets. Remap available.

Starting bid 30b ISK and ISK only.

Link to skillboard and character.

Bids handled on forum, transfer details we settle In Game.

30bil offer

Then I am calculating incorrectly and if so, I apologise.

We’ll see where it ends up.


I am closing bidding tomorrow Sunday at 18:00 EVE Time.

Wormik with highest bid at 30b.

I will accept 35b buyout.

31b b/o

Highest bid Random Elite 31b.

Don’t let Sunday angst stop ya!

32b isk ready

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Jack Nostra has won the auction with 32b bid.

Transfer the ISK to me and send an in game mail with your account details. I will start the transfer as soon as I have the ISK and account.

I’ve never sold a toon so let me know if I am missing something.

Congratulations and hope you’ll not fly too safe :slight_smile:

Will do now, give me 10 minutes

Isk & account name sent - thank u for deal

Has arrived thx can be closed