WTS 72.7Mil SP cap/ Scannig utility char

Amarr, gallente(T2 guns), minmitar(T2 guns) dread V, T2 siege
Scanning skills all V and other support skills.

Positive wallet ballance. No kill rights.
Char in jita 4/4 , one cap pod jump clone in LS (poinen)

Opening 45bil


i can extract a lot more than that …

then you should add an openings bid …

bump bump

45B UP


50b offer

Thanks for the offer. I will leave the post running until Sunday and then accept yours if it’s still the top.

52b Offer

Sorry bro. Someone else offers a better price for a similar character and tries to go there.

The last price was 50b from Araynna.

Super confused what happed. Is your offer of 52 still up?

I think he’s completely out and just forgot to delete that last message. I’m still in for 50.

Ah thanks, the last bump then

45 bil

Thats lower than the current bid of 50b

Speaking of, you said you’ll keep the post running until Sunday. It is now Monday. When do you plan to sell the character?

I will do so when i get home later.