SOLD --- 20M SP Mining / Planetary Character

I am for sale!

skills link:
Kamasaji Skills

Positive Wallet
Positive Sec Status
In NPC Station in High Sec

Price is 9.5bill

price accepted 9.5b sent

isk recieved please send ingame mail with account to be transferred to

in game name sent in mail

details received, will transfer as soon as ccp finish upgrading the service

“Character transfers are temporarily suspended while upgrades to the service are being conducted.”

thank you ps. i have another char almost identical i will be posting tomorrow if your interested

I am interested.

sounds good hopefully upgrade goes smooth and is completed soon so we can take care of both transactions! :slight_smile:

This is the other toon, skillboard needs to refresh but she is in NPC corp etc etc

Listed as a private sale to give you first refusal as you already indicated you would like her :slight_smile:

Have checked transfer system which is still showing as being updated. Clearly the hamsters have not been given their weetabix this morning :stuck_out_tongue:

I accept the offer i would like to complete our first transaction before continuing this one though, im hoping server downtime fixes the issue.

Have you saw anything about when transfers will be back up?

Character transfers are temporarily suspended while upgrades to the service are being conducted.

@CCP_Swift have any info on this?

No im still getting the same message :frowning: of course no rush on the second toon lets get this transaction completed successfully first. Update from CCP would be appreciated.

Same, Alright thank you I’m excited to get both transactions taken care of as so as we can lol and I agree some sort of formal update on what’s going on from ccp would be appreciated, even if its like “Hey! its the weekend the guy who fixes this is back monday, Sorry!” lol

it timed out instead of going to that message when i just tested it, progress maybe? lol

todays the day, maybe! come on ccp push that transfer patch!

just checked still says the same :frowning: this is getting frustrating now!

fingers crossed tomorrow is the day!! lol

id be willing to pay you now for the 2nd transaction as long as we dot all the T’s and cross all the I’s and post everything correctly on here and in game ect., im hoping that this will be fixed in the next day or two im kind of glad that they seem to be taking a security issue seriously at least but the timing is terrible lol

Just read about this issue Security Disclosure: CCP SSO Tokens not being revoked by character transfers (#1356) · Issues · Alliance Auth / allianceauth · GitLab I’m afraid it takes quite time to fix this.

Transfers are up!?!