Private Sale - Miner/Planetary Character

I am for sale!
Narezo Skills

Looks like skillboard will need a day to update, character is in NPC Corp

Positive Wallet
Positive Sec Status
In NPC Station in High Sec

Price is 9.5bill

I offer 11 bil

Must did it before Matt will bought all ice/PI useful toons in the EVE.

9.5B price accepted. Just waiting on CCP and an update for our pending transfer.

Sorry Arsx this is a private sale ready to complete once our Matt and I have concluded our first transaction

I believe tomorrow is the day! maybe lol

Transfers are up?!?

They are :slight_smile: I have initiated transfer of Kamasaji, would you now like to proceed with this one @Matt_Fiedler

Apparently not. There is a very serious issue with security tokens with transferred chars. So all toon trading is paused at least for days, i think. Maybe a weeks. My english is poor, just read topics at the top of this forum.

Transfers are up? Really? Good news if it’s true.

@Arsx Yeah transfers are working fine now, well you can transfer at least, whether ccp have fixed it properly remains to be seen :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Narezo isk sent 9.5B paid i appreciate your patience’s and hanging in there with me

@Matt_Fiedler you actually sent me 11.5B but I’ve refunded 2B as we agreed 9.5B :slight_smile:

2B refund received and account info sent in game

can confirm transfer is in progress

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