-- sold --

Hello. I am for sale.


  • No Kill rights
  • Located in HighSec
  • Positve isk wallet
  • Unallocated SP 750,000

Skill Highlights:

  • Mining Drone Specialization lv5
  • Drone Interfacing lv5
  • Drone Navigation lv5
  • Ice Drone Operation lv5

please post an price. im am much interested =)

Bids starting at 20b

if I sell my 47m sp char I will buy this 100% . fingers crossed :slight_smile:

I’ll put down 20b.

daily bump

check messages

Message has been received and offer accepted from @Gabriel_Liebmeister;

Awaiting isk and account name.

ISK and account received, support ticket created.

Thank you.

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