WTS Over 8mill sp - SOLD

8,141,804|sp + you will have 250,000 Unallocated SP as a bonus, with two remaps.

Focused for domi PVP with Bs Level 5 with good starter drone skills.

Details and skills at this link https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/sheppy_gini
|Corporation |The Scope| NPC corp for over a year.
|Date of Birth |2014-03-29|
Skill Points 8,141,804|
Unallocated SP 250,000|
Yearly Remap |1|
Bonus Remaps 2
Security Status 0.16|

Will be located in a high sec system JIta, no assets. Ill do character transfer fee.
Will have a positive wallet and sec status.

Starting bid 6.5b
Buyout 7b

6.5 bill

bid accepted daily bump

Bump lowered buyout.

5b bid

6.7 bil


What’s your current bid right now?

I’ll meet your start with a 6.5b bid.

daily bump reducing buyout to 7b.

7b B/O i have the money now

ok ill log in send isk to maricus stave, and evemail your user name account to Maricus stave so i can pay for transfer. enjoy.

maricus stave is not found

wups type error called mericus stave

I was going to bid but I guess it’s sold?

You sent me 8 billion instead of 7 billion, so im sending 1 billion back to you. :slight_smile: Fly safe. Enjoy character transfer complete.

Yeah, Halcyon you a little to late on this one. Gl finding what you need.

Thanks man real nice guy, sent him money and acc info. Should have char in 10 hours will update when i do.

Recieved transfer Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

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