[SOLD] WTS 81m SP PvPer focused

Hi !

I sell my 81mil SP PvP character

Start bid : 65b
Buyout : 70b

Eveboard: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Algyn_Kain_Nu'varah

Location: Hisec Positive

Killrights: None

Remaps Available: 1

Security Status: 1.0

All CCP rules apply and I will cover all fees related to the character transfer.

68 bil




Bump !

Bump !

New B/O price : 72b

Bump !

Bump !

New B/O price : 70b !

Edit: 68 bil

Bump !

69 bn.


OK 70 bil b/o

@January_Uchonela B/O accepted

Waiting for isk and account name by mail ingame

Isk received. Transfert in progress, will be finished 10/10/2017 19:48:18

Transfert done.

Have fun :slight_smile:

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