[SOLD] WTS 65m SP PvPer

Hi !

I sell my 65mil SP PvP character

Start bid : 50b
Buyout : 55b

Eveboard: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Sruba4

Location: Hisec Positive

Killrights: None

Remaps Available: 2

Security Status: 3.0

All CCP rules apply and I will cover all fees related to the character transfer.

50 bill

52 bil.


54 bil

bump !

Bump !

Edit Buyout price : 55b !

I’ll go 55 bil

Will transfer upon your acceptance.

Maizie Fields B/O accepted

Waiting for the isk and send me name of account by mail ingame for start transfert after received isk.

ISK and account has been sent. Thanks!

Isk received.

Transfert launched !


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