SOLD --- 20M SP Mining / Planetary Character

They are :slight_smile:

Transfer initiated to the account specified ingame :slight_smile:
thank you

“Will be completed after 10/19/2022 2:55:21 AM”

Have not received a conformation email yet for transfer


Ok ty

Just attempted to send the isk for the 2nd pilot on lunch here lol ive only got the browser version on my phone until i get home, i was so close, i dont have a keyboard for my phone lol and i cant hold on screen to paste or type the isk amount had the rest though. Isk incoming soon, should be 2-3 hours at most im motivated now lol

no worries @Matt_Fiedler lets complete the sale for Narezo on her own post tho :slight_smile: use link above

@Narezo can you for my own sanity send me the account name i sent you for Kamasaji, i trust you just wanna make sure i didnt fudge up the name, i thought i was supposed to get some sort of conformation message?

@Matt_Fiedler sure no worries ill send it via ingame mail from narezo

confirmed its all correct thanks! should just be the transfer wait now on this one right?

Indeed :slight_smile:

Transfer initiated.

Transferring to account provided

Will be completed after 10/19/2022 7:44:43 AM

can confirm transfer is in progress :slight_smile:

Kamasaji has been received to her new loving home. Thank you.

Transaction Completed - can be closed i believe.

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