130mil sp. PVP character. Good subcapital and capital skills

I want to sell my PVP character. 130mil sp.
wallet positive
no kill rights
6 jc (3 - 1DQ, 1 D-PNP9, 1 - PF-QHK, 1 - XX9)
Jita located
All rules accepted
Start bid - 70bil
B/O - 90bil
THX for your attention


daily bump

daily bump


74B,how about it?


If he regrets it, I can pay 74.5B to buy it ,and I have the money ready

75.5b offer, I think it is a good price, the money is ready

offer accepted

Money has been transferred, I have sent you account and transaction history by eve mail

Have you started?

Are you still there? money has been transferred, waiting for character transfer

I am looking forward your information back

I requested GM to intervene because you still haven’t responded

@ISD I still didn’t haven’t responded by the seller and didn’t get character

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