13M SP Porpoise Pilot Looking For New Home

Omega Clone

Not much into PVP but enjoy huffing, and running data/relic sites in WH. I recently got all my skills done to fly a Prorp with level 2 boots so I am looking to start boosting mining fleets for a corp. Full disclosure, I have never run a mining fleet before so hoping for a corp to show me the ropes.

In return, I hope to fly 2-3 fleets a week and work towards larger corporation goals and eventually start flying an orca for the fleet.

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We might fit the bill.

Sounds like you did wormholes before! Check us out!

I can offer C4 wormhole with c2 c3 staics.

Have a look at the advert and see if we’re of interest to you.

We have three pilots who do scanning. Always plenty of unhacked data & relic sites. Scanned 20 systems/day last week; you are welcome to hack 'em or ninja huff their WH connections. Cherry Defense Systems
We are most active in US timezone.