Nullsec Corp, Reign of Steel. Make Your Mark


Reign of Steel began as an industrial corp who joined Brave Collective to help keep the gears of war spinning. Since its initial formation the focus on industry has shifted to a 50/50 Indy/PVP balance.

We are -
*Up for the craic
*Not elitist

If you’re looking for a corp that will look after you, give advice to less experienced players, build friendships and do whatever we can in the heat of the moment, THAT’S US.

Corp offers the following-

For the miners - buyback for all unrefined ore, ice, PI and gas. If you’re lucky you can make billions in a day.

For the PVEers and Explorers - buyback on all your rat and explo loot. We have vast areas to rat and run lucrative combat sites. Explore everywhere!

For the PVPers - Targets, SRP and markets that are second only to Jita.

For newer players - instruction on how to get the most out of the game for the least outlay. (Minimum 3m sp)

Brave alliance and The Imperium have a vast sov network so you’ll never be short of opportunities regardless of your game style. It’s a relaxed atmosphere with no pressure, no paps, no mandatory participation. The alliance focuses on fun/hr so you play the game your way.

PVP? Plenty. We are Brave, the fights come to us

Mining? Plenty, just get into the belts

PVE? Plenty just get into the anoms.

Building? Plenty, we have BPCs available.


What we’re looking for-

PVPers who are thirsty (alliance pays SRP for ships lost on ops).

PVEers who want to make that dank isk.

Miners to crunch that moon goo.

Explorers to hack all the cans and bookmark interesting stuff.

FCs to lead the charge (even aspiring FCs can take fleets)

So come and get yours. It’s just sitting here waiting for you to take it.

Feel free to message Aeon Tobot for the corp discord details. He’ll be happy to chat to you, so you can see if we’re what you’re looking for.


Bonuses paid for those willing to step up

Miners wanted.

Are you tired of struggling to make isk mining veldspar and scordite in hi sec? We’ve got the stuff you want right here.

Let’s go alreadyyy

Mined some gas, now to kill some stuff. Who’s in?

Getting some great content recently thanks to our adversaries. Keep it coming guys. :heart:

LAZORS LAZORS everywhere. Mining and pew pew. We do it all

Looking for more PVErs to take part in PVE fleets to maximise hourly income.

Also looking for high level PVPers and even a budding FC or two to lead fleets and defence activities.

We need miners to help us clear belts. Rare ores available and will earn you a lot of isk.

Get your applications in today.

Ding ding. This is your boarding call for Reign of Steel.

/taps foot.

We’re waiting

Free Quafe and slaves!

Friday nights are good for mining, ratting or fighting.

The Aussies are taking over. Need more EU/UK/US

Oh hey I was just twiddling my thumbs waiting for you to drop by. Why not come and chat to us on discord?

Ha ha thisaway, ha ha thataway

Anyone remember that show?

It’s quiet time this part of the week so who’s up for some mining/PVE?

Aaaaand theeeennnn?


Waiting for you

Need industrial types who want to make their mark on nullsec